Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Tempest: Shakespeare on the Green in Omaha

A week ago I attended Shakespeare on the Green in Omaha with my sister Rachel and my Uncle Steve, two people who are very dear to me.  (Uncle Steve took these photos, except for the last one which was Aunt Amy.)

 My facial expression is entirely due to the coolness of my T-shirt, which I bought in Stratford-upon-Avon 19 years ago.  My wonderful BA graduation present from my parents was a study trip to England to study Shakespeare.

The production itself was OK.  Some of the minor actors did particularly well, such as Trinculo, whom we could clearly understand.  (Ariel was good, too, and so was Gonzala.)  But generally the play suffered from the director having only one very clear idea: "Let's make it Italian!"  He added Italian everything every chance he got, regardless of period.  He did touch on the question of forgiveness.  But generally, Shakespeare's writing saved the play despite the direction.

However, it was delightful to crash with Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy.  How can you not LOVE a visit wherein you have brownies and ice cream dripping with chocolate syrup for breakfast?

We're definitely doing this again!

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  1. I hope we do it again next year! Had a great time!