Saturday, March 29, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

This week I…

… didn’t take a lot of pictures!
… started a furniture re-finishing class through Southeast Community College.  Love it already!  I’m working on a piano bench from Aunt Earlene.  I took it apart and am working on stripped off the scratched varnish.
... let my husband cut my hair.  Yes, we are still married!  It helps that he just cut the back.
… arranged an interview with a reporter to help publicize the Upcycled Art Show.  Here’s a press release from SCC website.
… volunteered at the World’s Best Thrift Shop Ever.
… decided to go in with one of the other thrift shop workers and rent a booth at the Blessed Sacrament Bazaar on May 31.  Locals, please mark your calendars!

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