Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekly Round-Up

This week I....

... joined my sisters at Aunty M's Birthday Tea.  Homemade scones, darling little sandwhiches, and oh, the desserts.  I'm pretty much speechless. 

My niece Arwen at her first grown-up tea party. 
I was so proud that she was so well-behaved!

This is just a really nice photo of my beloved husband… who, unbeknownst to him, was making a perfectly vile dinner.  His goal was sweet potatoes that were supposed to resemble pasta and didn’t.  Today while he was trying to choke down the leftovers, I reminded them that the ingredients were compost-able.

Speaking of compost, that’s why our back porch looks like this:

We’re making a sturdy compost pile.  Yes, I know.  Everyone who is anyone makes them out of pallets.  But Belovedest saw concrete block ones on campus at the state ag college and so this is what he wants to do.  I surprised him by finding this lot for free on Craigslist and persuading my carpool buddy with the pick-up truck to retrieve a load before Belovedest got home.   He was surprised!  (My husband, that is. The guy I carpool with has long ago concluded that I am crazy.)   We’re going to have to chip off some concrete, but that will become gravel in the trench beneath the block wall.  There’s at least $200 worth of free brick there, minus paying Jason the Carpool Guy for hauling and helping.  We’ll see how thrilled I am about it after I spend time chipping away at these so that they’ll lie flat…. It's about all I can do since I discovered much to my dismay while trying to help that I can't actually lift one.

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