Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zen and the Art of "Rock On!"

Today I'd like to introduce you to your next hobby.  A hobby both fascinating and tranquil.  One that requires little expense and puts you in contact with Mother Nature and science...

It's Rock Balancing.  Yes, you heard me right, stacking rocks upon other rocks.  I know, I know... you think I'm absolutely bonkers.  But give me a minute or two to convince you.  Take a look at the following images and remember that the only thing holding these sculptural pieces together is gravity.

Remember, these are not glued in any way.  All this takes is a wee bit of patience and time out in nature near a source of rocks.

Want to learn more and learn from an expert?  You can obtain the NEW BOOK by Peter Juhl and learn every facet of this fantastic art (and just imagine the conversations that will start if you leave this out in the open on your coffee table!!).

Then you can officially belong to this society, just like me :-)

You can find more mesmerizing photos and videos at GravityGlue.com and Greenwichpointrocks.com

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