Thursday, February 21, 2013

Angel Mosaic Done!

Snow Day Today!

And what did I make in my studio?

I finished the angel mosaic:

I'm really pleased with how it came out.  Now I just need to afix something wherein I can hang it on the wall and it is ready to give the expectant parents.

To see how I did it, step-by-step, check out my tutorial on one of my favorite websites, Cut Out + Keep.


  1. I showed your nephews your angel, and said "Isn't this pretty?" and they responded, "No. It's COOL, not pretty." I think for boys that is a compliment!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      That is a compliment! That makes my day. Not only are they my dear, darling nephews, but they have great taste in art! Obviously you and Brian are doing a great job raising them! ;)

      Love, J.