Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Month Without Quite So Much Sugar

Today makes a month without sweets.

Sort of. 

Ok, Elizabeth W. brought over homemade cookies to a crafternoon a couple of weeks ago.  Had to eat those.  (Side note: Amazingly tasty!)  And I guess for some people grape juice and Yoplait whips and Tic Tacs have enough sugar to count as sweets.  But no cookies, ice cream, donuts, flan, hard candy, etc.  I haven’t had one of the bright, beckoning peanut butter-covered-with-chocolate little gems that have been whispering enticing things to me from the little glass dish on Mary’s desk at work.  I am still mourning a double-decker piece of moist chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked into it that I passed up.  (I suppose I should just write an ode to it and get it out of my system.But, for the most part, I met my goal.

So, what happened?

Lose weight?  Nope.  Even though I increased my exercising marginally.
Less moody/anxious/grouchy/uptight?  Yes.  Noticeably.  Not that I'm mellow now, or anything.
Better memory?  Yes.  
Better sleep?  Maybe a little.  Or maybe it’s in my head.  Nothing significant.

Today is Fat Tuesday.  I’m going to have chocolate.  Specifically, the European chocolate you see below, which has a deliriously fantastic strawberry cream in the middle.  Yup—that is the “before” picture!

I’m curious if my sugar-deprived body will have any reaction.  But mostly, I am looking forward to---Ah!  Yes!  So very, very good!  Ok, I'm not going to eat ALL of it.  At least, I'm not planning to...

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