Saturday, May 21, 2016

Planted today!

We are WAY behind schedule!

Today we planted:

and some flowers.

The garlic went in at Halloween, the potatoes went in at Easter, the new strawberries and blueberry plant went in in early May, and we are waiting for the tomato seedlings to get a wee bit bigger to transplant them.

Belovedest is also figuring out a way to daisy-chain our rain barrels.  He didn't like having one so close to the house, although it's been there for years now.   There is a rain barrel class at SCC some time this summer for those who would like to make one of your own for cheaper than you can buy one.

And Andy and Ann (plus kiddos) gave up a whole lots of grass for the compost pile.  I've got high hopes that it is going to heat things up out there!

Now I need to get the seed packets and the garden calendar, and write down when we can expect them to germinate and when we can expect a harvest.  We used A LOT of last year's seeds and A LOT of self-harvested seeds so I'm not sure what our yields will be like.

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