Thursday, May 19, 2016

Job Hunt Update

Jobs Applied For: 16
Networking lunches/coffees: 4
Job Fairs: 2
Job Interviews: 10 with three companies--(one company has had six interviews)

Job Offers: 0

What I've Learned:

1. Most people are really nice, to the point that they will go out for lunch or coffee with a total stranger who is a friend of a friend, and give out lots of insight into their field.
2. Keeping a "Job Log" has been SO helpful!   It answers the burning questions like 'When did I send that resume?' and 'When was the last communication I had with that company?' and 'When did she say she'd get back to me?'
3. I'm not 19 and looking for a summer job.  Job-hunting takes a long time in Grown-Up Land.....
4. "I'll get back to you by ___________" means almost nothing, even from really nice HR people.

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