Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekly Round Up

This week I….

… sold some crafts at the Camp Creek Threshers whilst the Magician sold beard oil.

The Camp Creek Threshers are a group of folks who collect old-fashioned harvesting equipment.  They had all pitched in to buy a field where they plant crops and once a year, they come out to play with their toys, I mean to harvest, thresh, etc.

Here you can see some of the tractors:

I was most happy to see Uncle Steve and Uncle Tim, although a tractor WITHOUT rubber tires was also pretty cool.

.... went thrifting with Arwen.  She is definitely developing her own taste in clothes.

... celebrated Ann's birthday and Maggie's new job

.... went to the capitol with Katie

Now I'm off to buy more mint with Belovedest because, well, I accidentally killed the last mint I tried to grow!  (Yes, I can even kill mint.  It's only impossible for other people.  I'm just that amazing.)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a really good week. :) Don't worry about the mint. I've killed rosemary & aloe before. (You'd think we were related or something. :P )