Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

Since my last Weekly Round-Up I have….

… welcomed my husband back from Germany.  He had been gone three weeks due to his father’s illness and death.  I hadn’t posted anything anywhere as I didn’t want the whole wide world to know I was home alone.  I am so glad he is back!  I learned afresh how much I need him in so many ways…. 
…. been temping at a construction company.  (Yes, me!  And note that there is only ONE 't' in temping....)  I’m learning a lot and that is always fun.  (Learning = fun is in Aristotle.  Which is sort of ironic as Aristotle is not my idea of fun…)  I don't like working full time, but it is wonderful to have no work stress.  The people I work with are great and I've had a really positive experience as a temp. Except, of course, that the paycheck is really, really small.  I think this temp job is my last for the summer, as I have a bunch of projects that I need to finish before school starts.  And yes, I am in the office, and no, I'm not wearing a hard hat.
…. had my second pottery class.  The teacher has open studio, at no extra charge, 8 am- 10 pm whenever she isn’t teaching so I went over there on Friday and made a little vase.  It’s much harder than it looks but it’s great fun.  (I forgot my apron, so of course I ended up covered in clay.o..)

… played the Patchwork Board Game, a really fun two-person game that is sort of quilting meets Tetris.  Buttons are money and there's lots of strategy and variety.  I also got to chat with my neighbor Judy, who took pity on me because I was so lonely without my beloved and introduced me to this fun game.

.... went to a class taught by a former student at the parish where he is working this summer.  He did a great job and it was neat to be there.  My "babies" do eventually grow up, and some of them make me proud!
... went with Stacy to see "As You Like It" in the cemetery carriage house.  Good company and a good performance, although it's not Will's best work.

… supposedly planted lavender.  I say "supposedly" because these do not look at all like lavender seedlings to me.  It doesn't matter because they promptly died.  I had been coddling them for months, they weren't growing, and I just got tired of babying them.  The moral of the story, which we have also learned this year from rosemary, is that if it is going to come back year after year, just buy a plant and be done with it.

Happy Fourth of July!
Stay safe!

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  1. Ooo, the pottery class looks great! I can't wait to see what all you make. I hope you post pics. And yeah, an apron would be nice. But you're washable, right? :P My sympathies on the lavender. I think mine died too. It was a plant Mom divided for me. But the chives are surviving at least. Got to look on the bright side.
    Welcome back to the Magician! We're glad he's safely back. Our condolences on his father.