Friday, January 30, 2015

Light and Destruction..... Or DIY table lamp from a standing lamp

This past weekend Belovedest and I updated the lighting in the living room.

He is constructive.

He took down the ceiling fan and put up a light fixture.

Next, he turned one of these:

into one of these.
by taking out these sections of the lamp:
This involved cutting and splicing the wire.

(Next up: painting.)

She is destructive:

I took apart the ceiling fan to add to my sell-as-scrap-metal pile, which was a lot of fun.
Note the box on the right full of metal bits.  There was a fair bit of copper in the motor :)
I'll have to post a picture of the new light fixture....

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  1. Looks like there's a lot of stuff in a fan. :o The new table lamp looks good though! I really like the ones with adjustable necks.