Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

To get ready for spring, I....
… snapped this shot of the Magician knocking the excess mortar off of some of the free concrete block I picked up awhile ago.  Re-purposing is often time-consuming…. But as My Beloved told the neighbor who laughingly advised us that bomb shelters are so 1950s, we have probably $300 of concrete that we got for free.  And the manual labor is actually rather satisfying.

… finished planning the garden.  I found a 2014 calendar with big squares and wrote out dates for everything we are going to plant, e.g. “start tomatoes inside,” “plant lettuce batch #1 outside,” “Transplant leeks” etc.  Every little square is planned and plotted. (When I say square, I mean square.  We do square foot gardening, a system designed by an engineer and introduced to me by my engineer-father.  Highly recommended.  Here's a link to the book if you can't find it at your library.)

… started leeks, oregano, and thyme seeds indoors.  (The leeks should have been started in February...)

… my husband weeded the strawberry patch while I worked on stripped varnish off of an old piano bench.  More on that later….
What are you doing to get ready for spring?

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