Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Splash, and Other Unpleasant Basement Events

Tip: Don't forget that you left the sprinkler running near the house.

The above tip is also the answer to the question The Magician asked two days ago:
"Why is it wet over here?"

This is the carpet behind the sofa and adjacent, so to speak, to the aforementioned sprinkler:
This is the spot under the storage shelving that my nice husband made for us:

This is where the stored stuff is now:

And here is his first foray into the wonderful world of Where Is the Water Coming From?

I've decided to dub the orange carpet "1960s indecision" because it's psychedelic AND cammo, or "we don't know how we feel about Vietnam."  I can almost visual the entire floor that color except that it would induce seizures.

We’ve used towels, a mop and bucket, a (brand new!) shop vac, fans, and a dehumidifier.  It’s starting to feel dry to the touch but damp to the nose….

My frugal self is just sobbing over how expensive this is all going to be.  I need to remind myself that it is only money…. And it may very well have happened from the next heavy rainstorm so I should let it go that The Magician left the sprinkler running.

Sigh.  At least there is no tearing hurry to get it fixed up right away.  Although perhaps I should research mold before I come to that conclusion….

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