Monday, July 1, 2013

Shaving Oil

The other day I posted about the minimalist traveler that uses a deodorant stone.  One of the other interesting items he packs on his travels is shaving oil.

I had never heard of shaving oil before.  So, it was off to Google-land to see what I could find...

Amazing.  Seriously!

Apparently one can buy tiny little bottles of shaving oil (the two main companies that produce this are Pacific and Somersets) which cost only a few dollars and last for over 100 shaves. And there are a ton of positive reviews from folks on the internet who use shaving oils (not to be confused with "pre-shaving oils").

As it happens more often than not when I'm Googling something, one link led to another and to another and before I knew it, I found an article on using extra virgin olive oil for shaving.  Yes, really.  And again, tons of comments from shavers confirming oils work and particularly that extra virgin olive oil works.

So I tried it this morning.  And it does work!  I want to try it for a while though before I can say that I'm throwing out the shaving cream can.

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