Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Thoughts on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Some people don't like to refer to God as "Father" and they've got their reasons.  Usually it's that their father (or fathers, or men in general) have treated them horribly.  I'm sympathetic to that.  I think fathers are a kind of emotional necessity.  Sometime a missing father can be more than replaced by a loving and supportive stepfather, coach, teacher, uncle, neighbor etc.  But if daddy was the kind of monster straight from nightmares and horror movies, that's all the more reason that God should be "Father."  We need all the love, supportiveness, protection, understanding, rule-setting, etc. that we associate with fathers.  The more damaged we are from the men in our lives, the more we need a specifically male God, one we can trust, Who won't abandon or wound us.  That can be healing, after we learn and trust that He really is different.

I was blessed to have a stable, responsible father, one who demanded a lot, but whom I could depend on.  And I've got God, too.  Since God is everything Dad couldn't be, I can rejoice in the gifts my father gave me, and not resent the ones he didn't.

I'm especially grateful for my dad teaching me to be logical and practical.  I've really glad I have that to balance my impulsive, artistic temperament.  Thanks, Dad!

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