Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Books for Later

Here are some books I recently checked out.  Each has one or two techniques I liked.  I don’t have time to try them now, so I want to note them here.

Colored Pencil Collage: Nature Drawing and Painting for Mixed Media
By Kelly Hoerning
Beautiful color schemes, layering, and use of doilies.

Collage Couture: Techniques for Creating Fashionable Art
By Julie Nutting
One of my favorites!  It’s sort of fashion-meets-paper-dolls-meets-collage.  There’s also a great tutorial on drawing figures and faces.

Collage Discovery Workshop
Claudine Hellmuth
Making no-measure, simple bow frames from lath, plus inspiring pictures.

Pretty Little Things: Collage, Jewelry, Trinkets, Keepsakes
By Sally Jean Alexander
Lots of use of a soldering iron, except for one project.  Also, lots of use of glass.  I did like the “grab a slip of paper” collage project, wherein the papers said things like paint, smudge, magazine, photos, draw, etc.

Playing with Paper: Illuminating, Engineering, and Reimagining Paper Art
By Helen Hiebert
Lots of fun!  Someday I’d love to try the cardstock castle, the piano-hinge book and the pocket-book cover for holding a signature (out of fabric, I think).

Make Your Mark: Creative Ideas Using Markers, Paint Pens, Beach Pens, and More
By Lark Books
I liked the info on bleach pens, plus the tie-die markers-on-fabric projects.

Pintrest Perfect!
Flora Chang et al.

Love the one where you use a technique similar to making paper snowflakes for making paper flowers, plus some fun stuff under doodling, mixed media, and painted greeting cards.

College Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected
by Claudine Hellmuth
I would like to try some of her background techniques using dishwasher rinse aid, saran wrap, tape, tissue paper, and contact paper. 


  1. You checked these out from the library? I like the Collage Couture one. I always liked paper dolls. Remember the pioneer ones we had, and the high-fashion (for the 80s) magnetic one that Rach got?

    1. Yes, I got all of these from the library. I don't think I'd buy any of them, although someone else might like to. I try to check out most of mine.

      I don't remember playing paper dolls growing up. Isn't that odd? You'd think I'd remember something having to do with clothes....