Friday, January 8, 2016

Baby Book Done!

My latest creation!  It is for little Miriam; fortunately I finished it before she's all grown up!

I posted a tutorial here, but there are a few things I did differently, which I'll try to note as I put up the photos.

Most of the pieces I backed with other fabric so I didn't have to spend so much thread tacking them down to the page.  

 Here you can see both ways of attaching the embellishments.
 My niece Arwen helped me decorate the balloons.  We'd intended them for my scarf, but I think they work better here.
 I sewed the topping on first, then the rest of the ice cream cone.

 This decorative stitching closes up the gap used to turn the pages right side out.

Too thick to pin...

 Ta da!  Here is the finished book, cover to cover:

 The fabric on the left was a gift from Mom.  It's all about little girls playing dress-up, and it's probably at least considered vintage by now.

 The embroidery on the right is from a women's cotton blouse.

It was a lot of work, but it was fun.  Happy creating!

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  1. Oh, man, I remember that "dress up" patterned fabric. It was so cute. Glad to see it's getting used. It reminds me of the "Penelope & the Wicked Stink" story/quilt & of the Fancy Nancy books I used to read to Princess. ( She's "too big" for them now.)