Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Let Us Eat Cake!

I had a ton of fun with Susie decorating cakes for a Cake Walk at the parish fall festival.

This was her idea of how to prop up a sagging cake—add a flat chocolate marshmallow and cover the whole thing up with copious quantities of frosting.  Later we had a good laugh when we realized that we add all kinds of cake on the counter that she had trimmed away to flatten poofy cakes.  We didn’t have to use something that eaters were going to wonder what in the world it was!

 Here's me getting sprinkles all over the counter.  The yellow frosting was added after all the other frosting had dried, so I thought, "Cool!  The sprinkles will just still to the yellow frosting!"  It didn't even occur to me that flinging sprinkles randomly at the cake would make a mess.  Susie teaches grade school, so she knew just what kind of mess I was going to make.  :)

Thanks, Susie, for having me over to play!


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  1. What fun! Remember when Mom would make our birthday cakes? Remember the camo cake she made for Mark? Seriously, a masterpiece. I really like the yellow-orange sun-wheel cake & the dinosaur one. :)