Friday, September 18, 2015

Free Wash Rags

Growing up, we used old T-shirts for rags.

My husband was not a fan.  He would actually BUY flimsy, disposable rags, which he called dishcloths and which were blue and came neatly folded.

I thought this was a waste of $.  Finally, I realized that if I cut the T-shirts into neat rectangles, minus seams and stacked tidily in a box, that he would tolerate them.  So, whilst watching TV, I cut stained and otherwise rejected T-shirts from the St. T's Thrift Store's discard bag into neat rectangles.  (My favorite privilege of volunteering there is rummaging through the discard bag.  The other ladies can't decide if I'm admirably thrifty or crazy.  But don't worry, the ones I don't pick aren't thrown away.  There are many forms of recycling.)

The dishcloths sat atop the fridge. Then I decided to cover the box with wallpaper scraps from the Free Fridays at the EcoStore.  So what follows cost me absolutely nothing.  (It saved me almost nothing.  But it was fun.)

I didn't end up embellishing the box with flowers cut from old cards, but I thought about it.

Wall-papering the box actually required more forethought than I had expected in order to hide seams and deal with corners.

 Now it is not such an eyesore on top of the fridge.

Have you made anything lately?


  1. Oh, man, my husband literally bought a "bag o' rags" when we started work on the house. Bloody weird, in my opinion. But I started my own rag bag in the laundry room (with an odd feeling of satisfaction & pride that I now have a place to keep rags. And I thought of Mom while doing it.) Your box looks much nicer than my old grocery store bag... But I also started my Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Sock Club Band in the laundry room in a nice basket. (I just put all the socks I can't find matches for in the band & periodically search through them to match them.)

    1. Your Lonely Sock Club Band is a great idea. It is MUCH more frugal than constantly buying socks!