Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekly Round-Up

We got some snow…..
I’ve always loved that look of snow coating the trees like delicate lace.

A good time to do gardening planning.  I'm hoping I can re-use this chart next year.

I’m probably the only person yesterday who scavenged for scrap metal and went to the Chicago symphony.  (The tickets were a gift.)  The concert left me breathless!  The first part was poems set to music by Richard Strauss, and I loved the interplay between the music and the words.  (There was a translation in the program, although Dearest Love said it didn’t quite do it justice.)  The second half was Beethoven’s Fifth, and oh it was magnificent!  So regal and moving, such passion!  I was in ecstasy!

Afterwards I bumped into all kinds of folks, including a professor from graduate school.  I had been Dr. Olson’s Research Assistant, and I was teasing him about finishing the book I’d copied all those pages for.  It turned out that he had finished it ten years ago!  So I was glad he’d put all that work to good use.

The metal scrapping also netted something interesting.  At first I thought it was a sculpture:

Then I decided it was a tea pot.

It appears to be welded together out of….. I’m not sure.

Today I'm helping Mom with a photo project.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

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