Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Valentine's Day Gift for Both of You

If your sweetie has a beard and you don't like how scratchy it is, get him beard oil for a fun and unique Valentine's Day present.  Over time, it will soften his beard, plus make it a little more well-behaved.  (We haven't got anything to make him well-behaved, just his beard!)

My husband's company, Charlemagne Beard Oil, sells 2 ounce bottles for less than most companies sell one ounce bottle.  (A bottle lasts around 6 weeks, depending on the beard and how liberally the guy uses it.)  If you order today, you are likely to get it before Valentine's Day.   The scent most ladies prefer on their men is Coronation.

Wishing you and your belovedest many more years of love!

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