Monday, December 22, 2014

Just a Few More Days Until Christmas!

Lots of crazy running errands today.  We are getting some beard oil sales from my husband's business.  I'm hoping people don't expect to get them before Christmas, although I'm going to pop them in the mail today and hope....

His new website has been generating some sales even though we really haven't had time to publicize it yet, which is a good sign!

Since we live simple, frugal lives, Christmas isn't as crazy for us as it is for some.  I did all my Christmas shopping at church fall festivals weeks ago.  I have a gift for my sister Rachel to finish making, and three gifts for Mom to wrap.  Belovedest and I gave each other very nice gifts this year, but they have already been opened: my iMac and his video camera.  So the days leading up to Christmas will be quite leisurely compared to most folks.  In fact, most of my errands today are for other people--business stuff for Charlemagne Beard Oil and helping my mom shop for Christmas gifts, plus a stop by the thrift store where I volunteer.

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