Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tile Testing... in 7 Days

I'm experimenting with making some tile coasters, using reclaimed tiles from the EcoStore.  (The heart tile is a failed experiment.  That's why they call it research!)  The mosaic looks fun, but would look better on black.  The photo tile unfortunately has a problem right around her cute little smile, so that one is also labeled a learning experience.  I'm using this first batch to figure out what techniques will work.

I tried to seal one with polyurethene, and the alcohol ink promptly smeared.  So I added three layers of ModPodge before adding three layers of polyurethane. Then it didn't smear.  (I used leftover polyurethane from one of my dad's woodworking projects, the kind you apply with a brush.  I wanted something I could do indoors.)

Now I'm waiting 7 days before putting the tiles through a series of tests, including grape juice and boiling hot tea.  Once I know what works, I'll do a tutorial.

Stay tuned!

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