Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Drying Oregano: DIY spice jar

Or how to neatly label a baby food jar..
1. Dry the oregano.  I left the leaves on the stems.  Big mistake.  Next time I will get rid of all extraneous material before I dry them. 
2. Pick out stems and other stuff you don't want.  (Put them in the compost bin.) Vow to strip the leaves off of the stems before drying next year:
3. Crumple the dried leaves into the jar.
4. Labeling the baby food jar the no-hassle way.... Take some cheap name badge stickers.  I had them lying around the house because I use them to quickly and easily label boxes.  Punch a circle with your paper punch.
5. Write what you want on the label BEFORE applying it to the top of the jar.
If later you need to relabel the jar, just slap another label of the same size right on top.
Dried herbs are more intense than fresh, so use less of them than you would fresh ones in a recipe.

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