Monday, August 18, 2014

A Papier Mache Pedestal

This piece was very, very custom.

Aunt Amy's daughter gave her a solar light.  Auntie A knew just where she wanted to put it, but it wasn't quite tall enough to peek over the edge of the window sill.  Plus she announced that she didn't have any of my art.  So I made a pedestal for it.   But Auntie A. is just so hip and cool and up for anything that I decided to do something a little different....

I'm not going to write a tutorial because who else wants to use papier mache to turn a plastic cup and some cardstock into a faux stem for a solar light?  Not many people, I'm guessing......

So here's a pictorial summary instead.

I made the papier mache out of just white tissue paper (used for wrapping presents) and white glue.   It worked about the same as more complicated recipes with sawdust and chalk, although I suspect the final result wasn't as strong..

Acrylic paint watered down and mixed.

Decorating it was obviously great fun and very messy.
(Ever notice how often "great fun" and "very messy" go together?)
Since it is different on every side, (and since I'm really jazzed about it!), here are some more shots:

Now here was how I planned it to be used:

But I ended up making it a little warped.  Accidentally!  And Aunt Amy discovered that it actually worked better this way.  Anyone who knows either of us is not surprised by this turn of events!

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  1. It's still standing sentinel in the front window, thank you!