Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Round-Up

It's been a topsy-turvy week.

Last Saturday, at three o'clock in the morning, Grandpa Don died five days after a failed attempt at heart surgery.  I was one of many grandchildren (my mother was one of 14 children), and so I never got to know him very well, but he was invariably kind and welcoming to me.  It feels like a sort of general benevolence has left the world.  I seem to vacillate between sad and moody...

On Monday I did some volunteering at The Best Thrift Shop in the World.  Twice a year they have a massive series of sales, ending in a free day.  That's right -- everything on the shelf is free.  Help yourself.  Here is my haul.  Most of it is going to be raw material for various crafting projects.

Here's what the store looked like on Monday:

Tuesday I cleaned the house at a frantic pace because we were pleased to have Sister Stephen over for dinner, and I had to get it ready quickly because I was needed to assist with the nursing home tour for my grandmother.  It seemed awfully sudden, but because she (Grandma, not Sr. Stephen) needs 24-hour care, and my aunts who had come from out of state to stay with her while grandfather was in the hospital needed to go back to their lives, it had to happen quickly.  That evening we had a lovely visit with Sr. Stephen, and got to show her our house for the first time, although I'm afraid I was a bit worn out.

Wednesday we got a new pope!  Here’s to a long and happy reign for Pope Francis!

Thursday was running around like crazy day.  I stopped by an antique store with various odds and ends that I thought might sell, mostly glassware left over from my auction habit.  I walked away with $1.

Friday we moved Grandma into the nursing home.  I say "we" because it was practically a parade with my parents, aunts, uncles, and two other grandchildren besides myself.  It went pretty well, but it was hard not to think about ending up in a similar place someday, except that The Magician and I have never been blessed with children and have few nieces and nephews, so the scenario will probably be very different.

Friday evening we went with our very good friends David and Sarah to the circus.  The Magician had never been and it had been years for me.  We had a good time, and we got to see our goddaughter Isabel, always a treat.

Spring break is over, and it is back to work on Monday.  Fortunately, Easter is right around the corner.

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