Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bird Bath Transformation

As usual, the joke is on me.

When my husband was in Germany last time, Mom and I dumpster-dived an ugly bird bath from some neighbors down the street.  It was resin or fiberglass or plastic, or something and a hideous color somewhere between brown and burgundy.

As a joke, I put it in the backyard and told my husband across the ocean that I had "put in a water feature" while he was gone.

And then he got back and actually liked it!  Oh no!

So with some spray paint, glass gems, and liquid nails, we effected a transformation.  (Actually, it was mostly him....)

As I type this, it's raining like crazy, so we will soon see how it holds up.....

My husband says every time he looks at it, it makes him, and isn't that one of the great purposes of art?

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