Friday, July 8, 2016

Going Away Card

Why, yes, I DO still make stuff!  :)

This card was for a couple who is moving from a spacious house to a much smaller one, so I knew they didn't want stuff for a going-away present.  

For this card, I wanted to experiment with layering.

I found the best plan was to work with each element separately, and not add it to the card until it was how I wanted it.

For example, I inevitably screw up when stamping.  So I did it over and over again on a separate piece of paper until I got it right.

Of course, some things go on the actual card.  I sketched this in pencil first, with a photo of the capitol on my computer in front of me.

 I colored the background, then added a cut out from a photograph that I just printed on regular paper.
 Then it was time to try out different arrangements.  The flowers are supposed to represent the cherry blossoms of Washington, DC.
 This is the arrangement I finally settled on:

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