Friday, April 8, 2016

Bye-bye, CBO

You may be wondering why you haven’t heard anything about Charlemagne Beard Oil lately.  Well, my husband closed his business in March. He had attracted the attention of a scammer, which he wasn’t happy about, and when you added that to the taxes and general hassle, he was done.  He sent an email to his previous customers explaining that when he sold the rest of his inventory that he was closing up shop.  He ended up selling almost all of it in 30 minutes.


  1. Well, try to look for the bright side, I guess. Now the scammer will be left out in the cold. And there was some fun and you guys learned a lot, right?

  2. We did learn a lot and I'm glad that we did it. If we ever decide to start another business, we will definitely be more aware of start-up costs like becoming an LLC, and we'll hire an accountant. Plus we will plan the marketing before we pick the name. Part of our challenge is that we had an upscale, regal name and a tiny marketing budget. Yes, we learned a lot. And a lot of it was fun.

  3. Hey, I'd say that qualifies as a success! Congrats to you and the Magician for your first successful business! :)