Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weekly Round Up

This week I....

... had cupcakes with the girls and their kids

Please note that Simon (on left, with spoon) is to be included among the exceptionally cute kids of my friends!  :)

... spend more than an hour on the phone with AppleCare but my Mac is now running smoothly again.  Belovedest had downloaded some Adware when attempting to add WhatsApp to my computer.  I learned a few things whilst on the the phone with the AppleCare guy, and I've set up the mail program which is much more keyboard friendly than on-line email programs.  It pulls in emails from my yahoo and gmail accounts, and I haven't given up hope of getting it to talk to my work email either.

... learned that I need braces.  Oh, dear.

... sprinkled crushed egg shells around garden beds to deter slugs.  We have saved eggshells for months, but we didn’t save nearly enough to go around all of the beds.  However, we are now set up to do a little experiment to see whether or not the eggshells make a difference.  TIP: rinse the eggshells as you go and wear gloves when you crush them.

 ... hung up a curtain that I scored for free at the EcoStores Free First Friday.  I used a curtain rod that I had lying around.

COST: $0

Coming Monday: highlights from the Retirement Camping Trip!

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  1. A busy, but good, week. Let me know if the eggshells work. :)